The woman with the painted civic, lost her San Mateo house, she has a house in Belmont now (the next city over) that house is also painted. She is now standing on the corner of ralston and belmont with her signs that make "no sense" she has a crazy bike and trialer combo too, so im guessing the car is gone, she had a… » 7/21/08 5:07pm 7/21/08 5:07pm

so bubba is cruising the local junk yard, sees a wrecked late model jetta for cheap, cant pass it up. says hey now I finally have a use for that truck bed thats been in my front lawn for six years... add a suitcase of PBR and you got Jettachero.... YEE HAAAAAAW » 7/16/08 12:11pm 7/16/08 12:11pm

being a prick with a cellphone happens to everyone. I drive 80 miles a day, I see women, men (mostly delivery types with HUGE vehicles) it used to be swerving and erratic driving was the sign of a drunk, now its usually a cellphone.. also note people with headsets dont drive any better, and its shocking that people… » 6/02/08 3:18pm 6/02/08 3:18pm